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Berber trek: Duration: 8 days / 7nights - 6 days horseback riding.


Day 1
Welcome to Marrakech. Transfer to Essaouira. Overnight at the hotel.
D 2 to D 7: Hiking tour. Nights in bivouacs or in the inhabitant. Day 7: Visit of the city of Essaouira in the afternoon. Overnight at the hotel.


Day 2
Diabat-Ida or Gourd Our hike begins at the mouth of Wadi Qsob and continues east along the wadi. A little later, we go away and cross ocher sand dunes on which grow a few junipers. We then go along the cultivated fields that precede the souk of Ida or Gourd. This first day will be an opportunity to familiarize oneself with his mount and we will have some opportunities to trot and gallop for it, on the regular trail that brings us back to the wadi at the foot of a hill sheltering our first bivouac.


Day 3
Ida or Gourd-Aït Ouadil Initially, we follow the foot of the small hill to reach the valley of Aït Ameur. The path leads into gorges dug by the wadi. The presence of water allows the presence of olive trees and various plants, mainly oleanders. We discover the vestiges of a séguia probably dating from the Portuguese presence and which had to supply water sugarcane cultures spread at that time. The word Qsob also means cane in Arabic. There are also the vestiges of the system allowing to crush the cane to draw the sweet juice. This sugar activity came to an end in 1620. We gained farther from the hot springs, which were used to treat kidney problems. These have been working for a decade. The continuation of the path that again plies in the middle of small fields leads us in the valley of Aït Ouadil (people of the vine) where we pose our second encampment.


Day 4
Aït Ouadil-Immin'tlit The region crossed today is that of Ait Zelten, one of the most beautiful of the circuit. We will pass near ancient fortified villages (kasbahs) planted in the middle of the forest of argan trees and we stop at the feet of the kasbah of Ait Zelten. Then, crossing hills alternating fields and forested areas to the souk of Immin'tlit. Visit of the cooperative of oil of argane held by Berber women. Night in bivouac.


Day 5
Immin'tlit-AïtTizril We climb back up to the Neknafa valley. The trail descends almost constantly throughout the morning. Many small ancient villages built in stone, dominated by the Zaouïa Sidi M'hend or Slimane (Koranic school). We are engaging in new narrow gorges. One can distinguish a multitude of caves some of which are arranged in dwellings. The most important is that of Lalla Taqendout, a place of religious veneration. Stop at the exit of the gorges, where, very often, a small reserve of water invites to bathe. Further on we can see the ruins of an imposing house - Dar Caïd - former place of resistance to the French presence. The descent continues and the path leads to the village of Aït Tizril. Overnight in bivouac or at the inhabitant.


Day 6
Aït Tizril-Sidi Kaouki Direction the ocean. Our path runs along a valley facing west, among the argan trees and herds of goats. We are then channeled on paths lined with small white stone walls that connect the last villages before reaching the coast. The day ends with the approach of one of the large deserted beaches where it will be possible to relax a little horses.. The bivouac is planted on the beach.


Day 7
Sidi Kaouki-Essaouira The last day will be entirely dedicated to the discovery of the littoral. Succession of beaches, dunes, fishing villages and some cliffs or caps that will have to be circumvented. Many seabirds accompany us, but also many cows and dromedaries! The pace of progress accelerated and we end up finding the mouth of the Wadi Qsob, at the entrance of Essaouira. top of page Default duration of 8 days including 6 on horseback


Day 8
Transfer to Marrakech and return flight.



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N.B: (The price below includes: night at the hotel on the first day and the last, meals, taxi; the price does not include: flights, personal expenses).


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